Choosing the Best Lens to Produce Your Own Pictures

The lens is an important component in a camera. In order to produce the best quality images, video production in Malaysia use some types of the best lenses from different brands. Selecting the camera lens is the most important thing if you want to get a clear and clean video quality. Therefore, if you want to become a professional video maker, then you have to be smart in choosing a lens for your camera. Here are some of the best lens camera that you can use to support your own video production in Malaysia.

Prime Lens/ Fix

Some Video productions in Malaysia also often use a prime lens. This lens is used to produce images or videos with the maximal quality. This prime lens is really suitable for low light recording. Besides, this lens is also quite cheap to buy and the size is relatively small and light. Moreover, when you use it to take an image, the image result can be really sharp. Since this belongs to a fixed lens, so when you take an object, you should manually position yourself towards the object taken to get the best angle.

Tele Zoom Lens

Some video productions in Malaysia prefer Tele zoom lens which can be used to take an object in a distant area. This lens has a special feature which can give the best result as it is owned by the prime lens. Some of the professional photographers use stabilizer in order to prevent any shakes. Thus, the lens can be used in a low light room. There are two types of Tele zoom lens. The first is a professional Tele zoom lens and the second one is the regular lens. You may pick professional Tele-zoom lenses such as Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8, and Sony SAL 70-200mm f/2.8.

All Round Zoom Lens

This is a special lens which is used by some of the video production in Malaysia. The term of all round zoom lens is taken because it can take a super wide range of picture, so this lens can replace several types of lens and it is quite effective to bring it anywhere you want. Generally, it has focal about 18-200mm. Before you decide to choose this lens, you have to consider a few things below.

–   This lens is quite practical but it is relatively expensive.

–   The optical ability of the lens is just ordinary.

–   When you choose this lens, you have to choose it along with the stabilizer feature.

Zoom Wide Lens

This lens is also commonly used by the professional video production in Malaysia to produce a wide range of video recording. It has wide angle focal starting from 10 mm up to 20 mm, so it will be perfect for landscape and architecture. However, it is not suitable for portrait image because there is still distortion. It is able to produce wide-angle image and it is appropriate for professional and commercial needs. But, the price of this lens is quite expensive because it has a typical lens design.