Essential Tool for Video Production that You Should Know

We all start making video production for many reasons such as business, marketing, tutorial, and many more. Whatever the reason, starting video production in Malaysia should be well-planned for the production and also in the equipment. There is no actually exact high end equipment package available. You need to define what you need for the production because between one and another may require different need for shooting equipment. Before you going to buy or rent certain equipment; make sure to read the guide below.

Video camera – you cannot make video without camera, right? The camera type that you choose depends on your need, the shooting place, and the budget. You can make a documentary or any video that you like from your iPhone, smarthphone, to DSLR to a top brand of digital camera. Whatever the camera that you choose, you need to make sure that it has good quality picture and also audio.

Camera light – for a good picture quality, you also need good lighting. Camera light is usually suitable for documentary or news like shoot. This can be a good choice to fill in ugly shadows that can ruin the video shoot.

Tripod – if you want to make a professional looking video, you need tripod for a steady video. This tool will really help you especially if you have shaking hands.

Shotgun microphone – what makes the difference between pros and amateur video? The answer is the audio quality. Having shotgun microphone will help you prepare the video better. In fact, it is also suitable for boom pole or on your camera.

Three point lighting kit – if you plan to do the shoot indoor mostly, three point lighting kit will help you get better video quality. No one will like video with bad lighting quality.

Wireless microphone – wired microphone is indeed a little bit cheaper than the wireless microphone. But unless you have someone to hold the boom microphone when doing documentary; the wireless microphone is always the better idea. This is the best equipment that you can get when especially for interviews.

Audio cables – still in the audio, if you want to use the camera recorder for professional audio; you certainly need the XLR cables. The XLR cables will help you go from the camera to the mix.

Light reflector – if you do documentary filmmaking or outside shooting, you will need the light reflector. This equipment will help turn the amateur looking shooting into a gorgeous lit scene.

Extra batteries – run out batteries in the middle of shooting is a big no especially in the first video production. You will need for about 3-4 extra batteries for every video production or you will need more if you have outside shooting.

Lenses – lenses help you take the video from wider angle or in more focus. There are numerous kinds of lenses for different purposes such as when you shoot in sunny outdoor; you may need a circular polarizer to improve the image quality or micro lenses for close up shooting flowers or bugs, and many more.