Some Software Options to Edit Your Videos

Do you like recording videos and editing the videos? If you really have this hobby, you should not forget to download some pieces of video editor software which support your computer. There are thousands of video editor software that you can download and purchase on the internet. Some video productions in Malaysia also use the software to create a professional video for business. Thus, you can also download a professional video editor if you want to get bigger features to support your own video editing. Perhaps, you have no ideas the software options which are considered the best. Here are some of the samples of video editor software that you can download on the internet.

Final Cut Pro

For those who have Mac OS computers, you can use Final Cut Pro which is developed by the Apple Inc. This video editing software is exclusively designed for Mac users only. Final cut Pro can be your first option if you want to edit your videos and it supports video formats such as HDV, P2 MXF, XDCAM, DV, 2K, 4K, and 5K video formats. It can also be used for multi-camera editing where you are able to combine some videos from different cameras. All and all, you can use this program to customize your own video with a lot of features.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is also used by professional video production in Malaysia to create some business videos or video promotion. Adobe Premiere Pro has approximately 12 audio effects as well as 45 video effects which can be used to customize the image and animate the video. Some of the effects need high quality graphic card such as NVIDIA and AMD. It also has some essential features such as trim monitor, capture monitor, titler monitor, and much more. Adobe Premiere Pro also has similar keyframe as it is available on Adobe After Effects.

AVID Video Editor

There are video productions in Malaysia also use AVID video editor to create any kinds of video such as short film, documentary movie, personal video, and much more. This video editing program is also quite familiar among editors because it has a lot of essential features. Using this AVID Video editor, you can create high quality video, edit HD, SD, UHD, 2K up to 8K videos or other video formats and resolution, add built in visual effects, tittles, transition, and audio tools. Besides, it also supports any cameras and you can also collaborate with other video editors.