Terrible Mistakes that Ruin Video Production

Multimedia and video production industry is always interesting. Video Production in Malaysia becomes more popular over time. Some people overlook the importance of this industry. They aren’t aware of its benefits. They don’t even know there are many video creators out there. Still, video production isn’t easy. It must be done by professionals. Otherwise, the result won’t be satisfying. Beginners often make some mistakes when producing videos. It’s because they don’t have ample knowledge and tools. These are several mistakes that may ruin video production:


Most of the beginners don’t have enough planning. The most crucial preparation is script writing. Once they have done it, they are ready to go. That doesn’t mean they must memorize it all. They only need to learn the major points. In this case, they are able to perform a smooth and natural presentation. The narration also becomes an important aspect. Usually, they are nervous in front of the camera. In order to make it easier, they can use casual words. This helps them to relax. Being careful with the project saves them from disappointment.

They Don’t Have the Story

What makes Video Production in Malaysia great? One of the aspects is the story. A video is bad if it’s lack of story. Remember, it must connect to the viewers. A good script framework and story is compulsory. The audience is the king. The video should be able to give benefits to the viewers. It should provide an engaging story as well. In fact, the audience is egoistic. The video creator must fulfill viewers’ demands and desire. It’s hard for beginners, though.

Too Much Information 

The bored audience is a nightmare. Video production fails if it can attract viewers. One of the biggest mistakes is to put too much information in the video. Too long information isn’t good either. Telling intricate info won’t please the audience. It should be simple and meaningful instead. The goal is to provide a useful solution to the customers. Giving too much info is a certain failure. It bores the watchers and it isn’t efficient. The most recommended duration is 1 minute. It can be a little bit more than that.

They Don’t Write Script Writing Personally

Hiring someone to write video script seems a good idea. However, it’s a mistake. The one who knows about the business is the owner. He or she should write the script personally. It results in a more engaging script. It’s true that there are some great copywriters. Hiring them seems tempting. Though business owners may hire such expert, they must take part in the production. They can dictate the story to the writers. The script is the soul of a video. It’s the description for the viewers.

They Don’t Pay Attention to Audio

Here’s another crucial mistake of Video Production in Malaysia. The creator doesn’t have enough sense about sounds. Just because the video has appealing visuals, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Enticing visuals can’t help bad audio quality. In this case, they must use a better microphone. An on-camera microphone is a good choice. It provides crisper sound. Not to mention it will look professional. If it bothers them too much, they can hire an expert. It costs much money, though.