Tips for Great Video Production

We all use video content for various purpose such as inbound marketing, tutorial, and so on. You are certainly aware that most of internet traffic is dominated with video because people have greater engagement for video. However, creating and engaging video content can be quite challenging because half of the viewer will directly skip the video after watching for the first 30 seconds only. Some other will also leave the video after a minute or two. This is the challenge on making a great video to make people sit carefully and watch until the end.

Your video is being valued from the content, production quality, presentation, style, and also the information that you deliver. The main job on making video production is how to make the video remarkable in the viewers’ attention. Here are some tips for a great video production in Malaysia.

Pre-production stage

In the pre-production stage, it is important to prepare and organize anything related to the video shoots. Going in the video shoots without fix preparation and you appear unorganized and just wing it; the final video will look sloppy and unprofessional. You need to take some days before the shooting to decide the topics, angle, and also lines to be delivered during the shooting. In addition, the idea should also be original. It should be fresh and original; try not to steal someone else’s idea. You need to also be very selective when choosing the subject for the video such as actress and actors. Also, consider the set carefully and because the viewers are paying attention to detail. If the setting of the video is not an office; make sure you choose other locations and do not dress up your office to fool the audience. They will know it.


During the video shooting, make sure to pay close attention to detail. You always have the chance to edit and add some touch up, but when you originally get the good quality of video; you will need less time for editing. The most important thing to consider is the sound quality, the light, focus, and do not forget to use tripod. People will skip your video if it has bad sound quality, bad lighting, and also lack of focus. It shows you that you are an amateur.

Post Production stage

If you think that the video needs some editing; make sure that the editing will only enhance the video quality instead of decrease it. Editing can also be a way to grab the viewers’ attention by making it engaging, relevant and also informative. You can align the video flow with emotional response. In addition, you can also optimize the video with text and subtitle if you have international viewers. If you add some text, make sure to keep it simple, classy, and sharp. The important thing, make sure that the text is not taking over the video attention. Main attention should be in the video only. Great planning and preparation will make the video production appear professional and engaging.